Abecedario: chocho

chocho, chocha adjective
Pleased, happy, delighted, overjoyed.

This is the common definition in castellano argentino, as explained to me by Lola.

The internet also suggests the definition of “crazy,” whether “gaga” (as in “demented” especially used for older people,) or “gaga over” (as in “doting on”). Apparently, this is also an interjection, though I’ve never heard it this way as this usage is really only popular in Central America, which does not include Argentina.

Consejo: Apparently this is a vulgar term for lady-parts in Spain, so watch out.

In other news, we found our first cockroach yesterday. It was a little one and Monica killed it with squeamishness and girly squealing (which I probably would have done if I found it.) Lola said it’s because the heat is on now (but came to the rescue with evil-smelling bug-killer anyways.)

As for my midterm, I think I did decently, especially considering the 3 hours of sleep I got, though the exam was much easier than expected (which made me uncomfortable, honestly). It is now siesta-time, which I know won’t necessarily help me in the long-run with my battle against my recent insomnia, but it will make this Friday loads more enjoyable. Hope all’s well.



About maireadrose

Most of the time, I study international relations and music at Boston College. For now, though, I am living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I will be studying some of the same things, only in Spanish. This blog has been created due to popular demand for stories of my adventures in the southern hemisphere.
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